Autumn Winter #001 Campaign


‘Where’ is the name of He & DeFeber’s Autumn Winter menswear collection. Focusing on a selection of jackets and overcoats, Where explores unique pattern cutting techniques complemented with bold colour blocks and comfortable, timeless styling. Inspired by Constructivism, Where considers the essential qualities of fabrics, including their forms and functions. The complexity of overlapping clean lines creates narratives that offer consumers the freedom to question and challenge societal norms on fashion and style.

The selection of luxury fabrics is appropriate to the texture and draping of the designs. The collection offers consumers a reinvented classic look with a twist; garments are asymmetrical and feature extended cuts, yet inner pockets are added to not compromise functionality. A balance between the contemporary and the conventional is achieved with deconstructed blazers and overcoats featuring straight wide sleeves, curved sleeves and extended crescent-shaped backs. Extended style lines add dimension to the overall order of form, allowing the wearer to express themselves in a fluid and sophisticated way.

The collection offers timeless colours, such as brown, navy and grey contrasting with ultramarine blue and the slate green. Wool and cashmere blend fabrics are complemented by free flowing forms that bring a touch of playfulness to the sophisticated material. While retaining a classic appearance, the softer lines add a relaxed contemporary functionality to the look. Ultramarine blue has historically expresses opulence; the layers and additional fabrics communicate such extravagance. Long and short jackets in classic navy and black are cut in unconventional shapes, offering consumers ample opportunity to mix and match their wardrobe.

Each item in the collection is a chapter in a greater narrative. Wearers are encouraged to develop their style and create a dialogue for longer lasting clothing and sustainable styling in slow fashion.

He & DeFeber is an exciting new label and small-scale company with a vision to offer a fashion alternative to socially and style conscious individuals. The AW collection will be available to view and order to stock via appointment.

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